10xBTC Lottery and Dice: Nobody Loses!

10xBTC Lottery and Dice is based on public random numbers draws, every 5 minutes.

Why not using Provably Fair?

The Provably Fair system can be susceptible to abuse. Some online gambling sites just states they use it when in fact they don’t. And to the plain user,  Provably Fair is obscure and does not clearly show the user how the random seed is fair. A 3rd party generated True Random Number that anyone can read and check instantly without any previous mathematical or cryptograpical knowledge will always be better than The Provably Fair System.

What is a True Random Number (TRN)?

A True Random Number (TRN) is one that is created from a ‘seed’ or a numerical representation of a truly random natural phenomenon. The only TRN generator available online that changes every 5 minutes is the TRN generator of a foreign Space Agency. This TRN is calculated from many space and environmental variables and although is intended to be used in scientific applications, it is free to use by everyone on the Internet.

How does the lottery work?

Every 5 minutes, 3 random numbers are drawn between 00 and 49.
Every ticket has 4 different numbers that you can choose between 00 and 49.
The minimum bet is 0.005 BTC
The maximum bet is 1 BTC

And Nobody loses!!!!👇👇👇
10xbtc lottery and dice




If your ticket has no winning numbers, you will receive 10.000 Satoshis (0.0001 BTC) For Free Every Time you make a bet and none of your selected numbers match the drawn numbers for the game. No One really Loses at 10x BTC!  👆👆👆

Check if your ticket has prize using the Order number after the draw and if your ticket has prize, then  file a claim to be paid.  It will be paid in full. 

Payment will be made manually for security reason and immediate if made at office hours, EST time. After this hours, it will be made at first hour on the next day, Monday to Sunday.

How are the Winning Numbers chosen?

In BTC Lottery, the winning numbers are chosen from the last 3 pairs of numbers of a public True Random Number Generator. As each of this pairs are numbers from 00 to 99, they are divided by 2 and rounded to the lower number to match the selection pool( 00 to 49). For example, if one of the 3 pairs is 53, it is divided by 2, yielding 26.5 and rounded that number to 26.

Register and Have a Look Around, the registration is simple and free and the website very easy to navigate! You can also join 10xBTC affiliate program.

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And if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to connect.

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