Walmart and Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin weather accepted

For more efficient delivery, US retail giant, Walmart is planning to use blockchain technology to track the delivery of packages by its unmanned drones. The drone delivery system will focus on how packages will be recieved. The drones won’t be… Continue Reading


10xBTC Lottery and Dice: Nobody Loses!

10xbtc lottery and dice

10xBTC Lottery and Dice is based on public random numbers draws, every 5 minutes. Why not using Provably Fair? The Provably Fair system can be susceptible to abuse. Some online gambling sites just states they use it when in fact… Continue Reading


OpenDime, A Hardware Wallet To Be Used As Cash

What Is OpenDime? OpenDime is a transferable hardware wallet to be used as cash. It’s more than a typical hardware wallet, this small USB Stick below👇👇👇 allows you to spend BTC like a dollar bill. This disposable hardware wallet can… Continue Reading