Bitcoin Book : Tale of the Bitcoin Kid

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Bitcoin Kids

$ 1.99

In the general public, the use of bitcoin has a bad reputation builded on rumours. Writer Joanne Falvey tells a different story.

Through a graphic novel for kids, Tale of the Bitcoin Kid, Joanne Falvey tells a Good Bitcoin Story.

Nowadays, Piggy banks may become a bit high tech!!!

The Story

Twelve year old boy, Alex, son of a software engineer father and an international acclaimed artist mother want his Own laptop! To get one, his parents encourage him to earn bitcoin to be able to fulfill his dream.

Together, the three navigate the complicated bitcoin landscape. You will follow Alex on his journey, strugling and learning how to be creative, resourceful and enterpreneurial. It ends with a morale tale of learning and earning.

Learn about Bitcoin

We already know and like the Bitcoin Beginner Box and now Joanne Falvey offers this fantastic graphic novel.  The Bitcoin basics are exlpained in an other way.

Tale of the Bitcoin Kid is ideal for kids but older people of any age will enjoy it too.

Where To Download The Book?

To download Tale of the Bitcoin Kid, Click here and get it for $ 1.99 at The Bitcoin Store (read the review.)

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