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Weather volatility is becoming the new normal, more than ever before. If you’re looking at last year’s weather data to make decisions this year, you might find yourself in trouble. Weather only repeats itself a small percentage of the time.

The fact that Bitcoin price frequently shoots to the moon, slingshots around it and then crashes back to earth is also “normal” and should be seen as a blessing. Given enough time, Bitcoin’s price will inevitably be higher. The strategy of long-term holding has proven extremely successful as a counter to volatility so far. Bitcoin volatility

Every means of payment is volatile in its own right but Bitcoin volatility creates opportunities. Investors can take advantage of Bitcoin price volatility to increase their holdings. Having more coins means there is room for more profits in the future if the bitcoin price continues to go up.

Come rain or shine, there will be always opportunities. Investors will sell Bitcoin at a high price and buy back in when the value dips lower. Traders will also have large, fast profits and lots of buying or selling opportunities within larger trends.

What’s challenging is the creation of liquid markets for Bitcoin but it’s possible. Despite Bitcoin skeptics who think that its volatility illustrates a fatal flaw in the decentralized payment network, Bitcoin has caught serious attention from businesses and investors worldwide. Giant companies, such as Microsoft, Subway and Expedia, have partnered with the more reputable exchanges to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. And J.P. Morgan has invested in developing its own version of blockchain technology.
Bitcoin weather

Bitcoin is becoming an everyday use currency. The transactions are easy, fast, and cheap. And are accepted by many nations where you can easily exchange Bitcoin for real money.

Let’s keep the Bitcoin revolution going! If the internet shook up how we access information, Bitcoin could in the same way revolutionize the way we pay for goods and services.

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Mary Jo