How To Get The OTN Tokens?

Open Trading Network (OTN) was developed by IQ Option(a broker offering binary options trading, Forex, Crypto currencies and CFD’s on Stock) and aims to allow transactions between blockchains. The platform offers cross-chain technology to unite all blockchain networks and market participants. The objective is to ensure their best interests by securing exchange between the blockchain networks.

IQ Option then, launched an organization called the OTN Foundation to help release tokens and develop the platform, which is scheduled to launch in April 2018. There’s no ICO!

Why not ICO?

In the cryptocurrency community, the term ICO is quickly becoming the synonym for a scam. OTN is different.

How to get the OTN token

How Can You Get The OTN Tokens?

There are 2 ways:

  1. You can trade crypto to get Free OTN Tokens. You will get rewarded for trading Top 12 Cryptocurrencies with IQ Option!
    Get OTN tokens by trading cryptocurrencies in IQ OptionGet OTN Tokens by trading cryptocurrencies on IQ OptionLEARN MORE about IQ Option and 👉 REGISTER!
  2. Purchase the OTN Tokens on Crypto Exchanges:Buy the OTN tokens on crypto exchanges
  • 👉Go to Cryptopia: You will get the best price and this exchange does not have significant complains from users like the two others below. Cryptopia referral program will bring you 10% of commission from your referrals’ trades.
  • 👉Go to Livecoin: You will get a better price than the one at YoBit and you will be able to choose which commission you want for your referrals: 
  • 👉Go to YoBit: The price is higher but you will get 20% of commission for every trade your referral makes.

If you do not wish to trade on IQ Option, choose your preferred Crypto Exchange and get your tokens. You can also register to all the exchanges (it’s free) and decide which is the best for YOU.

How to benefit from the OTN token?

How to benefit from the OTN token?

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