OpenDime, A Hardware Wallet To Be Used As Cash

What Is OpenDime?

OpenDime is a transferable hardware wallet to be used as cash. It’s more than a typical hardware wallet, this small USB Stick below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ allows you to spend BTC like a dollar bill. This disposable hardware wallet can be treated as though it was cash.

It’s like a Physical Bitcoin! Just hand it to someone, no miners fees or confirmation delays needed. You can use it on any computer, laptop or phone and it’s a read-only USB flah drive.

And OpenDime trusts no one, not even you. The private key generated inside the device is never known to any human. The private key is in the device itself and you can trust a sealed OpenDime, it’s obvious when it’s been opened.

The devices are very cheap(were designed to save money) and very well built. Just $41 USD for a Pack of 3.ย 

What Would OpenDime Used For?

  1. To gift someone a Bitcoin. Just load it on an Opendime and mail it to them.
  2. To delver a payment by just handing it over!
  3. You can load various denominations of bitcoins to pay for things you want to buy.
  4. To Sell Opendimes preloaded with value in exchange for, for example precious metals.
  5. You can use OpenDime instead of a paper wallet. It’s more secure and easier to move funds to/ from. It ‘s also more durable than a paper wallet. The expected reliability of the part that stores the private key is between 25-100 years!

Take care of it, it’s small and could be lost easily!

How To Get The Funds Out?

OpenDime, has been designed to be like “a piggy-bank”. You must destroy it to spend the funds. When you first receive your pack of 3 OpenDimes from the manufacturer, the units are empty and have no private keys. It’s only after plugging them on a computer, laptop or phone using a standard USB port that your devices will generate private keys. Click here to Learn More on The Bitcoin Store website! Do not forget to watch the video showing how to break the seal.

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