RunCPA Bitcoin Affiliate Network review

This review👇👇👇👇 was before I saw my commissions vanishing from RUNCPA platform, just in front of my eyes!!! Some leads do not show up etc.

Does RUNCPA hide affiliate rewards from traffic owners? Yes! They will do anything to keep affiliate rewards. Datas? They do not care!

RunCPA is a scam.
1) They offer scams like Binevo and affiliates are the ones blamed by both RunCPA and referrals.
2) They hide affiliate rewards on their platform. Proof available.
The owner is Ivan Maslennikov, founder of affchain.io Does he want to continue the same thing but in more sophisticated way?👇👇👇
“AFFCHAIN introduces first blockchain-based affiliate protocol to eliminate the need of trust to potentially unfair middle-man and to help build partnership relations in the $10 b affiliate industry. All sides benefit from clear reward distribution.”

They do not care about datas. Will they change? When I asked Ivan Maslennikov if he was serious with affchain ico, I didn’t get any answer of course!

What Is RunCPA?

RunCPA is a completely anonymous Affiliate Network, the number ONE in the world Bitcoin Affiliate Network. A leading advertising cost per action network in bitcoin economy.

Founded in 2014 by advertising professionals and technology enthusiasts, RunCPA is the world’s first blockchain cost-per-action(CPA) marketing network.

It is registered in England and incorporated under the name ‘RunCPA Advertisement’ LLC. The company acts as a middle man between growing businesses seeking new paying customers and the company’s 5,000 affiliated professional webmasters.

All traffic types

RunCPA works with traffic from all over the world and accept all traffic types except fraudulent or motivated traffic. Its subsystem Skynet prevents advertisers from fraudulent traffic and grants improved conditions for webmasters who provide high-quality traffic by ranking them highly on a special scale. Business owners pay only when they get expected result.

The following conversion types are available in RunCPA:

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) – Advertiser pays for each registration,
  • CPA (Cost Per Action) – Advertiser pays for each custom useful action,
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale) – Advertiser pays for each sale,
  • RS (Revenue Share) – Advertiser share a certain part of revenue with webmasters who provide him/her with clients.

The Advertiser can use any combinations of these conversion types, setting specific rewards for any of them at his/her discretion.

It is very simple to register and work with – all you need is an email and your BTC wallet.  Choose your role and scale your business:

  • PUBLISHERS here Receive LIFETIME revenue for your friend’s business or for even your OWN business.
  • ADVERTISERS here ⇒ 24/7 comprehensive consulting in all projects promotion and guarantee of funds return in the case of closing offer.

If further information is needed, please let me know! Just leave a comment below, I would be more than happy to connect.

Mary Jo
Email: maryjo@btcweather.com

Mary Jo

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