Walmart and Blockchain Technology

For more efficient delivery, US retail giant, Walmart is planning to use blockchain technology to track the delivery of packages by its unmanned drones. The drone delivery system will focus on how packages will be recieved. The drones won’t be delivering goods to your doorstep, they would drop packages in to secure lockers that communicate with the drone.

Walmart want to use blockchain technology, to improve the way food is tracked, transported and sold to consumers. But Does Walmart accept Bitcoin?

Walmart and cryptocurrencies

Walmart does not yet accept Bitcoin or Any Other Cryptocurrency. But there is more possibilities with Walmart Gift Cards:

  • You can buy Walmart Gift Cards with bitcoin at eGifter.
  • You can buy bitcoin for 20$ with your Walmart Gift Card  or any other Gift Card at paxful KIOSK

Check here the list of online stores that accept bitcoin.

Go To Walmart Official Site


Buy Gift Cards at MyGiftCardsPlus


Buy Bitcoin at PAXFUL KIOSK ( with more than 300 ways to buy bitcoin.)


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