Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery review

YABTCL, “Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery”  is the most complete provably fair lottery system available so far. It’s an open source algorithm for random seed generation, hashing, and for the random number generator.

YABTCL website is clear and simple!


Only a Bitcoin address is needed preferably one that you can sign messages with and a password. They strongly recommend a wallet where you are in control of your private key (like Bitcoin Core or Blockchain.info Wallet). You will see, some features are only available through message signing (Bitcoin Core client format).
You can also play without registering using addresses available on the website, to buy random tickets. But  if you win, they will return the winnings to the address that sent the amount to their address.  You must send your transaction through an address you have control over it.
In my view, registering is better. You  will get a temporary address that can be used to fund your account from any wallet and you will be able to participate on pools and also choose the numbers to your tickets. YABTCL

Investments  at YABTCL

Only  Registered Users can invest. To be able to keep the jackpot for 6 hits with a minimum of 1000 BTC, everytime this jackpot is lower than 1000 BTC the investment will be opened. Investors will receive half of the house profit (2%) and you will earn income until you profit 50% of your initial investment.  It means that, if you invest 1 BTC, you will stop earning at 1.5 BTC. The minimum investment is of 0.001 BTC

How To Get Bitcoins For Free

You can  get bitcoin for free through their Bitcoin Faucet, Free Lottery and through their Referral System.

YABTCL is the first Bitcoin lottery to offer a multi level affiliate program; you will receive profit from three levels below you.  The percentage for the first level is 10% of the house profit, the percentage for the second level is 8% and the percentage for the third level is 7%.

And there’s more!
The player with the bigger score will be the referrer:
  1. Of the players that didn’t reach YABTCL through a referral link
  2. The referrer of all the random tickets bought by players that used one of  YABTCL Anonymous Adress until the next draw.
Investing, buying tickets, creating pools and buying quotas in pools raises your score and when you are only Wining shares of the jackpots, receiving profits from your investments, receiving revenue from the referrals, divesting and receiving profit from quotas bought in your Share-a-Ticket pools, your score decreases.
The minimum withdraw value is 0.0000543 BTC and they have a strong security system. Here, Have A Look Around, Learn More and Register!
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And if you have any question or a comment, do not hesitate to contact me, just leave a message below, I will be more than happy to be of service.
Mary Jo

Mary Jo


  1. This is an interesting read. Have not heard of btc weather before and is an area I would like to try and see how it goes. How do I withdraw my money after I join YABTCL and where can I get further information on this? What is the investment period? Is it for life time or a shorter time?

    • Thank you for your interest, Emmy! 

      To Join YABTCL ( YET ANOTHER BITCOIN LOTTERY), you only need to inform a bitcoin adress, preferably use a wallet where you are in control of your private key, like Blockchain.info wallet. 

      Withdraws: To withdraw you just need to click on the “Withdraw” menu, fill your bitcoin address and the amount and click the button “Continue”. The minimum withdraw value is 0.0000543 BTC If you’re withdrawing to an address that isn’t registered in your account, you will need to sign a message with one of your main addresses to verify that you really requested the withdraw. When withdrawing to an unknown address, you can add it to your permanent withdraw address list and also add a label to it, so you won’t need to sign messages to withdraw to this address anymore.

      As for the investment, Investors will receive half of the house profit (2%) and you will earn income until you profit 50% of your initial investment.  It means that, if you invest 1 BTC, you will stop earning at 1.5 BTC.  You can make as many investments as you wish.The minimum investment is of 0.001 BTC.

      If you need more informations, let me know or visit YABTCL here. The website is very easy to navigate.

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